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A better way of training

I have been using #myprogramgenerator  for a few months now and all I can say is..wow! I have hit my Personal bests every month for the past 3 months amazing yes? Well the reason for these results is down to throwing old school training regimen out and incorporating this online program with a team of dedicated coaches who have loads of experience amongst them. 

In a previous blog I wrote about the large quantities of mileage I use to run ,which is also known as dead miles. The advantages are clear to see with every aspect of my running, don’t get me wrong it’s still hard work but it’s made easier because of the way the training programs are structured recovery is an essential part of these programs, as well as strength work which is basically a 30 to 40 min program provided by Mpgfitness twice a week.

There is also a video which sums up 8 things about coaches  A video description of what we stand for enjoy👍 . There is huge potential for this way of training because of it’s accuracy for each individual’s ability and all the programs are specific to each athletes needs which then in turn makes it easier for the coach who does not have to write out programs for each athlete he or she trains. The program works on a comments basis which can be seen by the coaches and assessed and then replied to in order to guide the athlete in the best possible way.

At present we are recruiting possible coaches in Ireland as well as prospective athletes with a month introductory free trial offer check us out today ! If you are starting out or you feel that your training has reached a plateau this is for you or are you an elite athlete wanting more from your training but time is an issue?! 


Update to the awesome LaceLocker

An update on an awesome invention to keep your laces firmly in place

Source: Update to the awesome LaceLocker

Physio on an abductor tear

Physio on abductor

Today I had my second appointment with the physio and this was interesting because of the initial treatment and also the look I got for not adhering to the original recommendation of total abstinence from running. In my defence… How am to know whether I can run or not if I don’t go out and see for myself😁?? Luckily enough she understood and as usual my passion shined through..The treatment wasn’t too bad at the time and she reckons that it is partially healed but that I would have to do the prescribed exercises and ease up on speedy running keep my pace easy to avoid further damage..
Then the fun began when she put her elbow on the point of the abductor where the pain was the most severe needless to say it was sore but I would say if I wasn’t an ultra runner my pain threshold would have been a lot lower  and would have probably have screamed in agony..However I managed to walk out and run 11km home😂 and now where she worked the abductor is pretty darn sore but that’s all good right??
In conclusion don’t be an eejit like me and hurt  your abductor it takes forever to heal and is most frustrating injury ever..


The joys of being able to run 👍;)

I guess I better write a bit about why I actually took this video… As a runner being injured is the worst thing that could happen..and guess what..?! It happened to me;) but I’m on the mend as you all can see, from my enthusiasm speaking to a bull in bellowing tones 😂😂