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The road to back to back races for BUMBLEANCE. .

The old clichĆ© that I haven’t written for while comes to mind..I guess life gets in the way but I’m back for a while. It’s exciting to think that in a couple of weeks I’ll be racing in my home town (Pietermaritzburg) the last time I was over was for a happy occasion and most of you who have read my blog will know that it was because my brother was getting married..So there really wasn’t much time to catch up with old friends and family. This time I get to meet all the volunteers from Maritzburg Marathon and I probably will volunteer after the 17km trail on the Saturday. This is the very same marathon that is on the Sunday that I qualified for comrades marathon in 1998…Seems like a life time ago now…?

Anyway coming back to the now…As you all know I have been an ambassador for LaceLocker for some time and hopefully all my efforts will lead to fruition in the coming Months, I actually want to apologise to Stash for not mentioning LaceLocker in my fundraising for @bumbleance to be honest my focus has been on getting donations for this awesome charity and a lot of training to get into some kind of shape for the back to back in a couple weeks time. I will definitely be promoting LLs at the two races.

I would also like to thank Claudette at Domeaseoil and Curranzsport for your support over the past year always good to know that there are genuine people out there. Oh yeas then there is CrotchGuard who I have to thank again for the sample of their awesome product for anti chafing which should come in really handy for the very hot ,humid weather in South Africa..

There’s not much to say so I will leave you with my link your donations will make a world of difference to very sick children Bumbleance thank you for reading and let me know what you thinkšŸ‘


The runner versus the person..

As runners we do our best to get the best out of ourselves and so to as people we strive for that special spark. We try to excel or should I say strive?

I have had to really reign in on all the running and mileage the past few months because there has to be a balance between doing too much of one thing and not enough of another. Family life was affected by my love and passion for running to the point where I had to make a decision stop running…or run less and be a better husband and father, not sure that I have scratched the surface of being a good husband and father yet? but just like running, we never give up when the going gets tough we persevere and carry on regardless.

Thankfully I have a very supportive network of friends from all around the world who never judge or criticise. As always my thanks goes out to all of the folks who make my life more bearable , , CurranzSports ,Mpg-Coach

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Lace Locker


As promised once I received the LaceLocker(🎬) I would write about them and here goes.. First off thank you for offering me a pair to try out . As you can see from the picture I took, they were really easy to insert under the laces and even a numpty like me didn’t get confused but then again how could I? Especially with all the directions you get with the Lace Lockers, even if you can’t understand the instructions there is a youtube link and then if you still feel clueless.. there other ways of getting in touch for instance Facebook/Twitter.
As for what the Lace Locker doe’s it pretty much doe’s what it says ..It keeps your laces from coming loose whilst running, I only received them yesterday but I already noticed that my laces stayed tight throughout my run yesterday ,which is an achievement because I can never keep my laces tied on long runs..


If you take a look you’ll see that there’s a 15%discount code why not grab yourself a pair of lace lockers today.?


Remember it doesn’t necessarily have to be just for running…you could be a walker,hiker or just someone who likes to keep their laces tied and in place..


As an ambassador for TheRunnersTea

It was made official when I received my T-shirt this week;) “Ambassador for Therunnerstea” I’m sure everyone who has been following my blog knew that I had been asked and obviously because it’s such an awesome(not selling the product at all) tea, totally organic packed with ginger, matcha and loads of other beneficial nutrients. In my opinion the best thing I’ve found so far is the benefits it has for running and exercise. Post workout / pre workout. I’m not trying to force anyone to buy but rather consider the benefits of this incredible tasting tea.. If you run long and I know this from personal experience it gives you that boost when you think you have nothing left in the tank. So if you’re an aspiring gym goer or just a passionate runner. There’s no harm in trying a product that’ll boost your goals, energy levels and give you an overall feel good factor. I suppose to anyone reading it is a bit of a sales pitch but I needed to express my delight and share;)
If you’re interested in purchasing @therunnerstea please quote RTSHA2014 for a 10% discount off your first order. Or maybe you just want to join an awesome runners network @averageguyruns/Jonboy to most;)