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Natures own Blackcurrants into a supplement….

As most of you who have met me on social media and in person, know I am totally passionate about running and anything that makes running a little easier and I say a little because to me who likes to push  to the verge and often beyond my limitations having a new gadget or a supplement that eases the  constant pounding I give my body always helps:)

In this instance its a brilliant product that is produced in New Zealand like the awesome Manuka honey it has many health benefits like energy boosting properties which I only realised recently because the kind team at CurranzSport sent me a 2 month supply which has since been completed . I definitely noticed a decrease in energy levels since finishing the course and I am not recovering as quickly or feeling as spritely.

I started off with 2 per day for the first week to get them into my system and then took 2 on the days I did my training runs or strength sessions and only used 1 on my off days..About 2 or 3 weeks ago I did a very hard run with the group I run with, but instead of feeling spent after the run I was able to maintain and did an intense sparring session after. Felt absolutely amazing!!

These little beauties are the new way forward at Curranzsports and to be totally honest if I had the funds to continue using this supplement I would definitely continue using them, unfortunately being an adult scholar has its downfalls they are well worth the money. If you click on the highlighted “Curranzsports” you can have a look at all the benefits of Blackcurrants and more importantly who has benefited  from these Black Beauties.

I was going to write a conclusion but decided that there isn’t one yet because this product is so versatile it doesn’t necessarily have to be just for overly active people but for anyone who wants to take a healthy approach to life in general..If you want to feel more energetic and less lethargic then this is definitely for you.

My sincere thanks goes out to Fleur for the opportunity to try out this awesome product and everybody at Curranzsport .



A review of Protein Bars

I’m always on the look out for foods that are easy to carry on long runs and I was fortunate enough to be given the chance to try these awesome wafer protein bars and go whey protein bars. I was sent a very generous selection of these bars with three different flavours , well actually four different flavours with the” SoGood!” whey protein bar, which is  delicious and delivers 30% of your required protein intake, these bars are more specific for body building but in my opinion would be a good source of energy on a long run giving you the energy requirements when you need it most.

protein wafer bars

The protein wafer bars were also very tasty and came in three flavours namely Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla. From my experience with most whey protein powders …strawberry is never 100% “strawberry” flavour you know on the first bite that it is made from whey protein however it still doesn’t disappoint because it is covered with a light coating of chocolate on the outside and is deliciously sweet and of course I have a very sweet tooth:) .

The chocolate protein bar was really delicious and definitely ticked all of the boxes for flavour ,texture and if you didn’t know it was a protein bar you’d think it was just a normal chocolate bar that you’d buy in a shop.

The Vanilla protein bar was good but some of the Vanilla flavouring wasn’t coming through and a suggestion would bee to try  a lemon based extract which would really give it a nice zing and  enhance the Vanilla flavour.

Would I use these bars for my long runs? Most definitely, but my favourites would definitely be The ” SoGood!”bar because of its amazing flavour and the white chocolate covering with yummy coconut on top , my second favourite would definitely be the chocolate covered whey layered bar. Third and fourth would be the strawberry and vanilla bars.

These bars are laden with calories and protein and definitely not for anyone who only trains now and again. So if you are a weight lifter or in my case an ultra runner than these would be ideal as a snack between sessions or on a long run.

A very big thanks or go maithe agat, goes out to the people at The Health Hut I hope we can work together with other products because I am looking for a good magnesium supplement and Bccas.and always keen on trying out new products.


What is runnerstea? Quote promo RTSHA2014 at checkout

Runnerstea is an essential part of my running and cardio training. The benefits are huge but of course this is my point of view. We as runners always try supplements that suit our specific running needs or goals. Mine is to run further for longer with less of the negative effects after and I find that this awesome Tea Company (@therunnerstea) has all that I need to achieve my goals. So why not try it for yourself? I’m fortunate enough to use Therunnerstea on a regular basis now and the advantages are endless. Enter promo code RTSHA2014 at checkout to get 10% off your next order. The people at RunnersTea are awesome,friendly, helpful and most importantly understand running because they are part of our enormous running family.

As an ambassador for TheRunnersTea

It was made official when I received my T-shirt this week;) “Ambassador for Therunnerstea” I’m sure everyone who has been following my blog knew that I had been asked and obviously because it’s such an awesome(not selling the product at all) tea, totally organic packed with ginger, matcha and loads of other beneficial nutrients. In my opinion the best thing I’ve found so far is the benefits it has for running and exercise. Post workout / pre workout. I’m not trying to force anyone to buy but rather consider the benefits of this incredible tasting tea.. If you run long and I know this from personal experience it gives you that boost when you think you have nothing left in the tank. So if you’re an aspiring gym goer or just a passionate runner. There’s no harm in trying a product that’ll boost your goals, energy levels and give you an overall feel good factor. I suppose to anyone reading it is a bit of a sales pitch but I needed to express my delight and share;)
If you’re interested in purchasing @therunnerstea please quote RTSHA2014 for a 10% discount off your first order. Or maybe you just want to join an awesome runners network @averageguyruns/Jonboy to most;)