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Hardships are a guide to your destiny.

Inspirational quote

Let me start by saying hello😂 It feels like I haven’t blogged in absolutely ages..Ever since August of last year things have changed a lot and that’s all due to The Amazing journey getting to the Greatwallmarathon in  China meeting and making inspirational new friends from all over the world. I believe that we all have a path to follow and although we follow that path, sometimes there are obstacles and instead of trying to climb over them  we choose to avoid them in the hope that they won’t reappear. This is where the trouble lies because we didn’t face the obstacles head on from the start.
Nearly five years ago I became unemployed  depressed and despondent not knowing from day to day what curve ball life was going to throw at me..then I got the chance to re-educate myself it was tough but with my rekindled love for running and a burning desire to do something worthy with my existence all of these factors have helped. It is never easy sucking in your pride but if you know what I’m talking about you will also know that it is all worth it. My motto at the moment is …I love what I do and do what I love if this is not the definition of passion I really and truly don’t know what is??

I am truly grateful for the friendship and friends that I have met on this arduous journey of discovery and look forward to making more along my exciting new one. I am evolving into a better more resilient person with all of the traits that I have picked up along the way and there’s always more room to improve. 

The image at the top of the page is so true to my current situation and is so good to relate and hopefully to inspire others that through hardships comes learning and understanding and a better you.. I am sure that there will still be hardships to overcome and relish the opportunity at another challenge be it with life, running a marathon or possibly a personal challenge or should I call it an adventure of self discovery.

Please feel free to share this Text image of hardship. We all face these challenges differently but if you have the right supportive network of friends around you there is no limit to what can be achieved. I feel that I am the proof of what positive thinking and a change in mind set can achieve..So thank you for your support over the years and also my deepest gratitude to those that read my blogs and know me from where  I was a couple of years ago, to where I am now👍


Enhancement drugs in sport..

Meldonium is the latest in a long range of enhancement drugs. Apparently not much known about the drug except that it helps break down clotted arteries and speeds up your metabolism ( found this article in

The question is this, why do athletes take enhancement drugs and because its rhetorical, I would say because of the enormous amounts of pressure to perform at their peak all of the time.

In my opinion it is such a shame that people need to take enhancement drugs. As a very passionate ultrarunner I get that progression can be slow and results of all the training doesn’t always show up immediately but slow and steady won’t get you banned or medals stripped off of you..


The worst of taking these enhancement drugs is..that most of the athletes that use will not admit to taking unless caught and then they will use an excuse of some sort to try and get out of it..blood tests don’t lie..!! Over a hundred have tested positive for Meldonium a drug for “heart and blood disorders”!?

Let’s hope that with the correct people addressing these issues that more stringent will be put into place to prevent this happening in future. What is your opinion whether you are an amateur or elite? How can we as athletes get the message across that drugs should have no place in athletics or any sport?

A very interesting turn of event’s..

This month has been really exciting, not only because I turned a year older yesterday but because of other event’s that have materialised , from good running folk helping me reach my potential with running gear to being appointed ambassador to on of the most iconic marathons in the world, obviously my opinion but it’s exciting I’m cloud nine ever since I was approached by Mr Zhu the race director of The Great Wall Of China marathon… The profile page is up and looks good and no I’m not vain ha ha ha but really happy to be chosen to represent such an awesome event as an “Ambassador” for someone who only knows me from interacting on twitter  how cool is that?!! It’s not officially up on the site yet but have look at my average mug ha ha ha this is what I am representing on May 1st 2016 (an amazing dream) to top my birthday week I won from @zensah compression thank you so much 🙂 oh yes… and my good running buddy bought me an amazing headlamp picture to follow .DSC_0110

As always I would like to thank everyone in my twittersphere (if that’s even a word?) and also ask that every one give a little support to those who are not able to run or those who are running with the likes of cancer and other debilitating diseases hugs go out to all, but especially to Michelle or @lutherungirl she is an inspiring lady who I’m in awe of, to me she is running a marathon of survival and I believe she’ll kick this in the butt . @Rjtorganic thank you for giving me the chance to believe in myself again, @Bsnsupplements for the awesome prizes I have won and to everyone else thank you                                                                  DSC_0123 A westerner’s perception of the “Great Wall Of China” but …It can be more then a picture of a wall with writing on it.. It could be a reality you could be running on the Great historical wall for real.. Take a look at the wall of opportunity you could be there next May 1st 2016 to run an iconic marathon. Lets do this …looking forward to meeting you all next year or at least some of you..

Running shoes and a good run

I started off this morning wondering how I was going to run and if I would be pulling out short of my longest run since being out with injury. It turned out.. that patience and perseverance are key to recovery. Running has given me so much even injuries ha ha ha and if anything it has been a really big lesson.


In the picture above, this one is the runners that Simon a good friend helped me out with and even though the soles are nearly completely gone they’re are still my number one’s.

“A Fun Video I took earlier
” (click here to watch)

The collage depicts my morning run and also what I’ve been thinking whilst on my run..To the left looking down on the little town I call home, in the top middle a quote that has awesome meaning, #thegreatwall which takes a lot of my time because it is a dream that is becoming a reality with every day making it even more real. Last but not least I am definitely the one that has a dirty mind👍. If you find my waffling any way interesting I thank you for reading and maybe watching me crazy videos. If you are thank you if not I understand completely. I guess this blog needed an update..I’m running with the kicks you gave me Simon 👍 I had to add insoles they seem to be the only pair of kicks that don’t put too much pressure on my messed up big toe..

So tomorrow is rest day..and hopefully Sunday a longish run of over 15km..Happy running all 👏👏👍🏃🏃🏃🏃

It’s hard to believe..

Like the title says.. Prior to my aggravated injury I had covered some amazing miles and as a runner I always put tough often horrible miles in the back of my mind..At the end of the day they all count. At the moment I’m out of running due to my passionate over zealous nature and I have finally decided that even ultra runners need to listen to medical 😷 advice, well to a point.. I still laugh at my own badass attitude because it’s this exact attitude that has me laid off..!!

Luckily for me I have other things keeping me occupied, studies,TheGreatWall marathon which reminds me I have to do a vlog.. Never done one in me life..It should be fun to see what my ugly mug looks like on a screen ha ha ha..and not forgetting,  being part of an awesome marathon community @ukmarathonchat which is also to launch a website totally unique for marathon runners and all run by volunteers.








Exciting times ahead and I am humbled by the fact that there are people out there that have seen the good in me and given me a chance to show what I can do, all the traits I didn’t know I possessed are showing through and if anything.. I’m so excited for the future because its looking brighter and brighter 🔆.

So I have to thank all the believers especially Simon @ukmarathonchat @etchrock @greatwallmarath and @disco_man possibly @brooksrunninguk???   Also every runner out there you guys and gals are the corner stone of our awesome running community.

Go maithe agat /slainte/ gracias  /mercie /Ngiyebonga /dankie /thank you