Review of icespikes rather late then never..😜

It’s been about a year since I received these icespikes from the brilliant people at Icespikes and a few weeks ago I eventually got to try them out ..

I had headed out for a run not realising that the road and track that I train and run on were riddled with lethal black ice. I was about 2km into my run and becoming very frustrated at not having any traction what’s so ever . Luckily home isn’t far from the track so went home and inserted the spikes on the sole of each shoe..It took no more then 10 minutes and found that when I headed out again that the <a href=”<b>; icespikes weren’t even noticed under foot..If there is fault with these amazingly genius spikes let me know 😜 I am totally impressed especially since I am heavy set individual and the spikes never showed any signs of wear and tear after running a couple of 10km after…

 Thank you Icespikes for an awesome invention👍 If anyone is interested in purchasing these spikes the links are highlighted in this blog.



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