A Long run and a blister.

I headed out late Tuesday morning my intentions were that I would head out early but good intentions and all of that..ended up sleeping in and only heading out after ten o’clock in the morning, it was warm but it wasn’t really hot until I was about five or six kilometres out. I realised that the temperature was increasing a lot quicker then normal.. I don’t normally run with much liquids but on this occasion I am glad I did👍. At about ten kilometre mark there was a bit of discomfort on my small toe on the left foot. So like any runner I found a spot off the road that I could adjust my socks and running shoes. I analysed everything whilst sitting down adjusting my socks and running shoes..and thought about what I had run in on my previous run the previous Tuesday and everything was the same the socks were used the week before and so were the running shoes. I did have to adjust the new kicks the week before because they were new but other then that I had no problems…

So on I went my pace got faster and then I received a sharp pain on my small toe it was a sharp pinching, burning feeling !!? It couldn’t be a blister?? Haven’t had one of those in a long time..tried tightening my shoes but that didn’t work it became more painful. Eventually I stopped running and found an area to sit down for a minute to think, I had brought my water pouch but no plasters/bandaids. What was I going to do? There was a hedge across from where I was sitting and the leaves looked waxy and possibly big enough to wrap around my toe..


If anyone saw me on the side of the road I’m sure they’d be thinking what’s that odd ball doing?? Ray Mears eat your heart out😂😂.. These leaves you see wrapped around my toe got me through to 22 very hot kilometres and …when I removed my sock and leaves from toe the blister under and on the side of my toe was just a dull ache. The green waxy leaves had turned black.. It seems that the leaves I had chosen had healing potential..If any of you ever get a blister here’s a go to, if you have no plasters at hand it works!!
Thanks for reading my waffle if you have got this far👍


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