Enhancement drugs in sport..

Meldonium is the latest in a long range of enhancement drugs. Apparently not much known about the drug except that it helps break down clotted arteries and speeds up your metabolism ( found this article in runnersworld.com)

The question is this, why do athletes take enhancement drugs and because its rhetorical, I would say because of the enormous amounts of pressure to perform at their peak all of the time.

In my opinion it is such a shame that people need to take enhancement drugs. As a very passionate ultrarunner I get that progression can be slow and results of all the training doesn’t always show up immediately but slow and steady won’t get you banned or medals stripped off of you..


The worst of taking these enhancement drugs is..that most of the athletes that use will not admit to taking unless caught and then they will use an excuse of some sort to try and get out of it..blood tests don’t lie..!! Over a hundred have tested positive for Meldonium a drug for “heart and blood disorders”!?

Let’s hope that with the correct people addressing these issues that more stringent will be put into place to prevent this happening in future. What is your opinion whether you are an amateur or elite? How can we as athletes get the message across that drugs should have no place in athletics or any sport?


2 thoughts on “Enhancement drugs in sport..”

  1. The sport needs a total clear out. For all we know doctors could be administrating the drugs as other cures for different things without the athletes knowing. But it’s all speculation whether the board, the athlete, or their doctors are the problem. Therefore we need a fresh start on a blank page with correct law enforcing the issue. *just my two cents*

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    1. I agree totally but someone pointed out a few minutes ago that.. Enhancement drugs have been around a long time as well as Meldonium its only that its now been acknowledged its been around a good few years


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