Running, sore toe and life goe’s on..

A thought for the day

A lot of you know of all the ups and downs I have had and even though the downs were hard to come to terms with, it’s been a learning curb, the saying “what brings you down will either keep you down or build you up and make you stronger” comes to mind. I have learned so much from myself in the last four months and even though it’s hard to admit, I am my own worst enemy…the stubborn streak that I possess is often my biggest flaw be it  with running or on a personal level at home.

So it’s no shock to me to now have a sprained toe which makes running pretty difficult but this will also pass thanks to an extra set of strength exercises for my toe!!! I have been running on alternate days to take the pressure off of the toe and thankfully its helping.


I guess I just wanted let any one know that even though we have bad times there are always the times to look forward to. If life was predictable then it wouldn’t be worthwhile getting up in the morning or at all challenge yourself every single day that way you feel alive ..enjoy your running and the challenges it presents..It is always worth it in the end.


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