I was given these kicks from a good pal of mine, who just couldn’t get the feel of them. Thanks Simon 👍.

I haven’t really got a decent feel of them until I started putting in longer mileage. They are in my opinion definitely comfortable,bouncy but also feel heavy and sluggish, definitely for the extra long haul. I suppose if I had thicker socks they would probably feel better, it’s all about trial and error eh?


So I’m not entirely convinced even though they seem comfortable for the long run..I have removed the original lacing system and replaced them with old laces that I had this seems to help with the overall snuggness of the kicks..
As for speed…maybe when the injury has healed it might be different..who knows?? Also the grip on the sole doesn’t do well off road and can be very slippery definitely made for road running..
I’m going to give it a few more long runs before I make my final judgment..

Since writing about The Hoka ones I have run in them again and well definitely know now that are not meant for me to run in because I have high arches and weird shaped toes..the toe box is way to small and thus the ice treatment… Don’t know which is worse..the pain of my toe or the pain from the ice..!!??😂👍

Anyway final verdict the Hoka’s are comfortable for walking in but for running in definitely not made for my weirdly shaped feet. They are everything you’d need for a long haul if your feet suit the narrow toe box. Unfortunately these just aren’t made for me really can’t afford any more injuries or set backs.

crazy ultra runner


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