Physio on an abductor tear

Physio on abductor

Today I had my second appointment with the physio and this was interesting because of the initial treatment and also the look I got for not adhering to the original recommendation of total abstinence from running. In my defence… How am to know whether I can run or not if I don’t go out and see for myself😁?? Luckily enough she understood and as usual my passion shined through..The treatment wasn’t too bad at the time and she reckons that it is partially healed but that I would have to do the prescribed exercises and ease up on speedy running keep my pace easy to avoid further damage..
Then the fun began when she put her elbow on the point of the abductor where the pain was the most severe needless to say it was sore but I would say if I wasn’t an ultra runner my pain threshold would have been a lot lower  and would have probably have screamed in agony..However I managed to walk out and run 11km home😂 and now where she worked the abductor is pretty darn sore but that’s all good right??
In conclusion don’t be an eejit like me and hurt  your abductor it takes forever to heal and is most frustrating injury ever..

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