How to save a phone that’s fallen down the throne .


First things first..last week I dropped my phone in the white throne, yes..down the toilet and nice or not..I stuck my hand in without any hesitation, pulled it out and shook it as vigorously as I could..took the cover off dried whatever I could dry and low and behold it worked..!!? But that wasn’t the end of it. About an hour later after making a phone call and thinking everything was okay..The screen went blank the buttons worked and message alerts could be heard but blank “screen”? Anyway I knew about the rice in the bag trick so I put my dismantled phone 📱 in rice..I was hopeful but also on edge, these day’s my phone is my biggest asset.. So I decided to use Google forums and with a whole days rooting around I found what I was looking for, in order for the screen to light up.. Press the volume up and on button together until you hear a buzzing sound..and viola the phone lit up and even though it had a bit of water in the camera lens. It worked 👍😂.
I know this is not my normal running blog but it just shows what you can find on forums if you don’t have the money or know how to repair something..
As always I have to thank my cool guru friend for the idea to write about this wee dilemma I had. Thanks Simon 👍;)


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