A good week with running friends from the W.W.WEB

Unfortunately I never got any feedback from @Brooksrunninguk last year or this year for that matter..I guess if you are not an elite athlete or runner, you are not classed as sponsorship material..

Runners and sports enthusiasts Unite !!

 A thought for the day A thought for the day
I think out of all of the weeks this has to be the best one so far,thanks to the awesome “Waltons Running Family” without you guys life would definitely be uninspiring. A special mention has to go out to the lovely Ma Mel who actually got me started with the ever growing “Waltons Family” and to the “Red Neck” Ned or is it Rod;)? who always has some form of witty remark to share. I can’t forget Myles or the young and lovely Amy either. As for Brad well thanks for getting through the time zone.. You guys are the pinnacle of what running is all about.
So getting on to the week including last weekends running. It seems that every thing is going well my running is back to form. Two long runs over the weekend the longest being Saturday and if weren’t for…

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