Running shoes and a good run

I started off this morning wondering how I was going to run and if I would be pulling out short of my longest run since being out with injury. It turned out.. that patience and perseverance are key to recovery. Running has given me so much even injuries ha ha ha and if anything it has been a really big lesson.


In the picture above, this one is the runners that Simon a good friend helped me out with and even though the soles are nearly completely gone they’re are still my number one’s.

“A Fun Video I took earlier
” (click here to watch)

The collage depicts my morning run and also what I’ve been thinking whilst on my run..To the left looking down on the little town I call home, in the top middle a quote that has awesome meaning, #thegreatwall which takes a lot of my time because it is a dream that is becoming a reality with every day making it even more real. Last but not least I am definitely the one that has a dirty mind👍. If you find my waffling any way interesting I thank you for reading and maybe watching me crazy videos. If you are thank you if not I understand completely. I guess this blog needed an update..I’m running with the kicks you gave me Simon 👍 I had to add insoles they seem to be the only pair of kicks that don’t put too much pressure on my messed up big toe..

So tomorrow is rest day..and hopefully Sunday a longish run of over 15km..Happy running all 👏👏👍🏃🏃🏃🏃


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