Do you really think it’s essential to Carbo load for 5-10km??

Carbo loading is essential:
I did this video as a.way to rant about something I found disturbing and at the same time hilarious 😂 as an ultra runner pre carbo loading is normally done the night before a long run and I wouldn’t really eat anything different to pre loading would be a cup of coffee ☕ and sometimes a 🍌 nothing more until I get home even then I wouldn’t eat much seem to find it hard to eat after running long..So how doe’s a person pre load before 5/10km and then also carbo load post run??
This was something I found really amusing and at the same time frustrating 😤..
I agree that everyone is different but there’s a point where you have to ask for help, surely?
In my opinion if you ever intend progressing to  ultra or even a marathon you need to be able to run on empty and it is totally possible just believe in yourself..


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