It’s hard to believe..

Like the title says.. Prior to my aggravated injury I had covered some amazing miles and as a runner I always put tough often horrible miles in the back of my mind..At the end of the day they all count. At the moment I’m out of running due to my passionate over zealous nature and I have finally decided that even ultra runners need to listen to medical 😷 advice, well to a point.. I still laugh at my own badass attitude because it’s this exact attitude that has me laid off..!!

Luckily for me I have other things keeping me occupied, studies,TheGreatWall marathon which reminds me I have to do a vlog.. Never done one in me life..It should be fun to see what my ugly mug looks like on a screen ha ha ha..and not forgetting,  being part of an awesome marathon community @ukmarathonchat which is also to launch a website totally unique for marathon runners and all run by volunteers.








Exciting times ahead and I am humbled by the fact that there are people out there that have seen the good in me and given me a chance to show what I can do, all the traits I didn’t know I possessed are showing through and if anything.. I’m so excited for the future because its looking brighter and brighter 🔆.

So I have to thank all the believers especially Simon @ukmarathonchat @etchrock @greatwallmarath and @disco_man possibly @brooksrunninguk???   Also every runner out there you guys and gals are the corner stone of our awesome running community.

Go maithe agat /slainte/ gracias  /mercie /Ngiyebonga /dankie /thank you


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