Week three of promoting and starting up a marathon chat show.

twitter screen Ukmarathon ChatEver since my selection as ambassador for @greatwallmara I have been extra hard on doing the best that I can to promote this awesome event. The thing is ..the more I promote the better chance I have of going myself. What good is an ambassador if he can’t attend the event that he is promoting, right? So if you have any suggestions of what I can do to raise the air fare. I would be totally grateful. On another note I’m also helping start a chat show it’s called @ukmarathonchat on twitter and the chat show will be on a Tuesday night at 8-9pm so if you have an hour free to talk running specifically anything half, full or ultramarathon drop on by. Also we have a special guest who will be on the show and also coincidently is going to be attempting the The Great Wall Marathon on a specially made prosthetic leg..

Apart from the chat show and promoting. I am back to school to do my European Computer Driving Licence(E.C.D.L) so busy busy ..yay!!! I also want to apologise to all the bloggers who I have neglected . I’ll get to you all eventually..

Slan Agus Banacht(Thank  you very much) or xiexie nih (basic Chinese)


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