Running goals accomplished more to follow.

I’m it a bad thing..well only if you make running a chore. #TheWaltonsFitFam came about at the right time of my life, its everything you’d expect from an awesome running and fitfam community. There are up’s and downs all the time with everyone supporting each other through good times and bad. Inspirational to a T people from all over the world brought together by one very real desire to run, no matter where ,why or who, we all have our reasons for running. Then there is which has brought our running community even closer together. I have had the privilege to inspire and be inspired even, coach couch to 5km in my local community.

A few weeks ago I said that I was going to attempt a 50km from my home town of Ballyjamesduff to another town called Longford. On the morning of the 50 got up at 3am and made sure I was ready..water ,gels , raisins and a banana packed in my hydration pack. I was ready..after cup of strong black coffee a banana and a little water. I set off at exactly 4:01am ,the first half of the route I knew like the back of my hand..I knew where I could speed up and where I at to slow the pace. I kid you was really hilly, the kind of hills that are just continuous and never-ending. I reached the 38km mark and realised that I had a blister brewing, so I stopped in a town and found a place where I could take my sock and shoe off and apply a wad of vaseline to the lovely blood blister. Off I went again ,the finish line insight, well only 8km..:) left!! When I was around marathon distance a friend rang me to ask where I was and how I was, and to be honest at that point I hadn’t really thought about it..!! I was needless to say cold because the weather had turned bitter and even though I had planned to cycle back ..I was in no condition to cycle so I asked my friend if it was okay to collect me and not bring the bike with. I reached my destination just before 5 and a half hours elated and really proud of my achievements. My second 50k and this time I had planned it.

I’m happy to say that the goals I have set out to achieve this year have so far been achieved but there’s yet more to come as I will be planning to run further again until I can run a 100miles without this space…….So once again thank you all for bei ng so supportive you know who you are , I’d be writing all day if I had to thank each and everyone of you wonderful people individually..

A bit of art from a passionate runner:)
A bit of art from a passionate runner:)

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