The ups and down of running.

I’ve been neglecting my blog lately and I could make excuses but getting around to it has been hard.. I started a Graphics Design about eight weeks ago and needless to say it has been an enormous step into the unknown, before you all say it, every time I go for a run on a new route it’s the same thing..right?!? No.. not this time it has consumed my time and even at that , I’m still with the basics of Photoshop go figure. As time is an issue I’m starting to panic a little, keep asking myself if I’m going to be able grasp or get a handle on this part of the course. I guess I’ll have to perservere..

As for my running it has come on in leaps and bounds thanks to determination and the awesome support of @earthathon running community. I have met some really brilliant inspiring individuals who are as passionate or even more passionate about running then I am:) and believe me I really love my time on the road and on the trails. There definitely isn’t a better way to spend a morning then heading out on a long run on a Sunday morning. In a few weeks time I’ll be putting my mental and physical abilities to the test when I attempt a solo Duathlon. I’m not overly concerned about the run as I’ve loads mileage covered it’s the cycle that’ll be daunting.

From: Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan To: Longford
The planned route hope to add in the 3/4 km in to make up the 50km

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