Three months nearly gone..!!!

A recent cold snowy runIt has been a very up and down kind of winter, some say normal and others say unrelenting.  I know Irish winters are definitely not as bad as you all in the States..but it still is pain in the backside 😉 Anyway other then the unrelenting winter this years running has got off to a great start and my mileage is up quite a bit from last year…happy days:) I officially went from marathon runner to Ultra again… It has been long time coming and although proud I’m not yet finished there are still more personal goals to achieve 60kms next then maybe a 50 km run and 50km cycle?!? next year hopefully a 100km and then a 160km…its great being able to run and keep options open.. At the moment feel I need to ease back a bit, have niggling hamstring need get in with the roller also stretch…Roller!!!

I have to thank all of my #Waltonsfitfamily for being totally awesome and totally supportive. I’m not gonna lie its been really tough and if it weren’t for your guys &gals support don’t what I would have done …I think there’s a long way to go before I’ll be 100/close to 100%. Life is tough and how we deal with it is tougher.  So again thank you.

(Dont forget to get your runnerstea 10% promo code is on my twitter page @averageguyruns       @RJTorganic/ Also has a Promotion on Totally Organic Protein 50%off with first order please take a look it tastes really good and mixes well in porridge,smoothies and in pancakes..Give it a try!!

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