A blog long overdue about awesome Runnerstea and great tasting Organic Whey Protein http://www.taylorelitehealth.com .

It has been an eventful start to the year and pretty awesome so far, I was sent some of @therunnerstea post recovery tea and although the first brew was a total flop..my bad … didn’t give it enough time to brew. So between my normal brew of Runnerstea and Recoverytea I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in recovery and energy levels. I ran my first full training marathon yesterday with a 160ml of Ginger Berry, 160ml of water and a sachet of Caprisonne/Orange juice in a pouch.
Also big thanks to @RJTorganic / Taylor Elite Health , I have been trying their great tasting Organic Whey Protein and so far so good it’s easy on the stomach haven’t had any really bad flatulent episodes and,  I even tried it in a smoothie today, easy to mix in porridge and dissolves easily in shakes. All that you need from a protein and one that is also totally organic…As a newly made ambassador for their great product you can get 50% off with your first order if you quote teh00060 at checkout all the ingredients from this great tasting protein is on the link in the header on the top of the page. Don’t forget that you can also get 10% off @Therunnerstea if you go to my twitter profile therunningman/JonBoy
Please don’t forget to mention me at checkout and use my promo code. Both products are 100% organic and totally awesome. I have to thank you all for putting your faith in little ole me and giving me the opportunity to #keepgoing and never give up, without your great products I don’t think I would be as far as I am now. I’ll keep you all going if you all keep me going.

Ta me go maith/thank you very much.
Shawn (Theaverageguyruns)


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