V12 Protein Shots

jogging for life/health

20150202_202205~2I was given the opportunity to try out these amazing protein shots https://twitter.com/V12Shot/status/561106846682185728?s=09.

The day after I received these shots, I tried one out I don’t do weights but do , do cardio , core and lots of running . So to me this protein shot was ideal it’s 60 ml of apple flavoured , hydrolysed protein and provides 25mg of protein per serving.

As a distance runner these bottles would be really convenient on long runs besides their size , they are also Lactose free so no need to mix with full or low fat milk.

As a dabbler in all sports I always found using protein powder a pain to mix or sometimes cause stomach discomfort. I’ve used five of the six and have not experienced any adverse effects so far.. On the bottle it stipulates to eat proper meals and not to replace meals , with V12…

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