A piece I needed to share

How sport and education has been my saviour.

How has sports made an impact in my life?

For as long as I can remember.  Sports has been a good friend.  It has helped me gain a perspective and given me direction.  I was the odd one out in primary school because of my weight issues and the bullying and name calling was unrelenting.  It definitely affected my self- esteem but I kept going and used sports as a scape goat.  We often read these days of amazing inspiring people who decide enough is enough.  These very people are the ones’ I can relate to because they are the ones who know what it’s like to be ridiculed and chastised.

How is it that I speak of sport so passionately now?

It was definitely my high school years that helped me redefine who I was, meeting new people and making new friends who were in the same situation I was in, away from home and living in the confines of boarding school where the only escape was either going to the library after school or participating in sport.  We had a variety of sports to choose from at our school from my favourites which were basketball and cross country to my least favourites rugby, squash, cricket and soccer etc.  The love of sport progressed from this amazing environment.

Why do I think sports and education are important in achieving and reaching our potential?

Twenty years ago I was a man who just wanted to get out of the restraints of school life and be self -sufficient.  Unfortunately I didn’t have the knowledge of my future but running kept me focussed.  I believe in hard work and determination both in sports and education.  To me sports is a way to unwind and re-generate.  Learning and education helps you to broaden your horizons and see beyond the stereotypical box of life.  I have often prepared for a road race to insure that I was both physically and mentally sound, I would train really hard and imagine the finish line.  These very rules apply to how I approach my educational activities now.  The effort one puts into something, determines the outcome at the end or “finish line”.

Do I think that people should agree with my way of thinking?

Honestly.  I think people have a right to think and do as they please, however in order for us as individuals to improve we need a common motivator, why not let it be sport.  As an able bodied person with an injury that doesn’t hinder my running ability.  I have found that a combination of sports and education has helped me, you could even say, has given me a new lease on life.  So why not make the most of your life?  And get actively involved in sports and your education.-










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    1. Me thinks it could be my best work to date;) Its actually my final English assignment thought it was too good not share with my wonderful #fitfamilyfriends;) thanks Annie glad you enjoyed the piece..

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