I’ve been tagged!!?

Where do I start? I guess thanks;)..
My favourite movies.
Anything Sci-fi but especially Star wars, Star Trek, Buck Rogers and list goes on..
My favourite tv programs..
Top Gear,extreme sports, documentaries about wildlife and different countries.
Places I’ve lived..
South Africa in a small village in the mountains and then in a busy town where I completed my Leaving cert or matric. Served in the military and traveled whilst competing in amateur wrestling been to Cape Town,Pretoria,Bloemfontein all over South Africa and then moved to Ireland and currently live in a small town called Ballyjamesduff.
I have no plans for running this year except maybe to challenge my 38k from last year with a 50k plus this year;);)
Oh yes and then there is my studies which are priority at the moment but have been put aside tonight to write a blog about myself;);) best excuse ever.
Last but not least my favourite foods.
I’m really fond of cooking and baking so I’m really glad I love running;) because I would probably be a fat sob by now if I didn’t…
One thing I’ve learnt is to eat whatever there’s available.. So I eat whatever is going. I dont have a special diet I just try and eat as healthy as possible.
Thanks for the tag “Jed”;)

One thought on “I’ve been tagged!!?”

  1. Awesome Shawn I’m glad I asked you have a cool Story. Hopefully someday we travel to the same local and can grad a pint and share more. Oh and welcome to WordPress 🙂


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