A new year and first blog of 2015..

Need less to say 2014  has not  been without its challenges. I hope even though these challenges were hard, this year will be a tad easier..Even though all you lovely people have been very supportive within the running family, life and survival has been difficult from a financial and family point of view. I often wish I could just be like a tortoise and just go into me shell. The  counsellor I was seeing told me to express my feelings with less anger, I often wonder if this is possible!? With al that has gone on in 2014…. Anyways this was supposed to be a positive blog and I’ve ended up ranting.. Sorry all. There was some really positivestaken from 2014 and most Iimportant of all was the opportunity to re-educate and better still I managed my  best mileage since being back running . This year I hope to achieve higher mileage and run an Ultra  for myself and 2016 well? My biggest run will have to be what I started back Iin 1998 the esteemed Comrades Marathon and my goal for my first Ultra since all of me injuries and setbacks . Once again thank you all who read my rantings and sometimes insightful writings. Who has plans to make the most of this yesr running and working? Feel free to comment . Don’t forget to keepgoing no matter what…

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