The Comrades Marathon and a 38.0km run to remember

Runners and sports enthusiasts Unite !!

The Comrades marathon took place once again this Sunday and as always a very important part of my own history. Most of you who read my blog probably don’t know that besides running the Comrades I also helped as a volunteer a good few years ago now. To me it’s the most awesome Ultra in the world, it has drama,comedy and above all a sense of an enormous running community all in the one place. So I guess that’s why I become sentimental every year. This year I heard of three Ultra runners attempting to run the Comrades distance ten fold and that to me is no mean feat…. Of the three runners only one completed the 900kms and he had a Penquin on his hat. These incredibly insane runners are what I aspire to be….
I was really inspired,not only from the these incredible runners but from my past…

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