The weeks and months keep moving on

Life has definitely been crazy the last few weeks but the Walton fit family are an awesome community of people who have the gift of lifting when you’re down or just having a rough day.. So thank you all. I can’t believe it was eight days ago since I helped out the Megalithic mans race. There was a small contingent of athletes but I’m sure with the correct publicity it’ll grow. It’s only in it’s second year and George if you read this, thank you for letting me be a part of something as epic as this race. The race starts with a 6-8km trail run and then there are 3 choices,there’s a 16k cycle or a 20k. I thought the trail was a challenge?! I was definitely mistaken;);) after these tough cycle challenges you have the choice of doing a 1km assault course luckily enough the weather held up because otherwise that assault course would have finished off a lot of competitors;);)
It was great just being able to help out and take in the most beautiful picturesque scenery Ireland has to offer. The best part it was just about on my doorstep and I didn’t know it existed ;);)


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