A promise is a promise

I finally got around to blog …It’ been a busy a couple of weeks don’t get me wrong I love being busy but I was truly grateful for Friday:) Anyway I promised someone a review of an application for runners with safety in mind. Home Screen This is for Laura who decided that runners safety was paramount due to a near accident she  had . Unfortunately I couldn’t put the the application to the test because my phone’s operating system is Windows, however it does work on Iphone and android. The reason I said I’d give the Runsafe application a mention is because of the great features it has, besides the normal GPS and all the statistics… There are two or three essential applications and they are a panic button, which can be activated if something happens to you on a run ie. slipping and falling or being attacked. Once the panic button is pressed a strobe light will flash alerting any one near your position and an alarm will sound, all your contacts or family members will be alerted and you can also set your phone to alert a community set by you. It has got me thinking that an application of this nature could have huge benefits for us runners. I often go running early morning and don’t always stick to the same route which isn’t good because if something happened no one would know which I had gone and where to find me..So if you all have a free minute or two and are interested take a look for yourselves http://RunSafe.me . If I had the phone to go with the app I would definitely consider using it.


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