It’s been a busy two or there about’s..

I’ve been having a rough few weeks especially with the  severe earache ,which some of you might have read about in my last post. Thankfully that has abated, however since the Fall/Winter started the shoulder injury that I’ve had since 2011 flared up and just when things running wise was getting back on track literally …So the “shoulder” knocked me off stride again?!! However with anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants I’m back:).

inspiring-quotes (1)So even though things are tough there are definitely ways of overcoming them. @Unsporty woman can run. You are definitely one of my many running motivators and I’m sure an inspiration to a lot of other runners who face adversities every day, so a special thank you:) Life in general is complicated but its definitely how you deal with it that makes things a little easier..

Hardwork and perserverence On another happier note. I went to the presentation for the handing out of certificates for the Adult Education courses I started at the beginning of the year and that was awesome !! To be disciplineacknowledged for the effort,dedication and hard work was really something that I’m very proud of. Even though I didn’t get my full merit marks.. I still managed to stick it out in a school environment after nearly 20 years!! So I’m back again motivated by the need to improve my chances of making a career for myself in the future, so that I can once again support my family the way a man should..

I had better digress as I’m supposed be doing “house work”;) I would really like to thank all the tweeps for being so awesome and supportive. Especially the ever growing #TheWalton’sfitfam feel free to subscribe . ALWAYS! keen to chat no matter where you are in the world:) We are runner’s with an awesome obsession,often crazy hee hee but totally awesome. Oh before I forget I have to mention @therunnerstea thank you very much for the samples and also a few others who are sending me samples of their protein products. I have tried the runners tea and it is as Brad says, pretty good for giving a kick when you need to get that extra mile or 2 done. There’s a nice kick from the ginger,lemon grass and all the other great ingredients. Also would like to give @leedsultraman a shout out hope you feel better soon mate, life is to short to be worried about what tomorrow brings, live each day as it comes and enjoy every minute of it…

Last but not least thank you all for reading my blog .


2 thoughts on “It’s been a busy two or there about’s..”

  1. Well I guess I’m just saying what others are thinking;) You are totally awesome and you deserve the acknowledgment. You write with passion,honesty and conviction and the all the goodness shines through;) Your way of writing is inspirational and that’s often how have been writing my own blogs.


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