An ear infection from hell,Ebay seller who has no remorse and winter is upon us.

This  week started on a good note and ended up being horrible until the ear infection I had or still have eased off wee bit. I haven’t been able to run since Monday morning so Shawn aka Jon Boy is not a happy Walton:( but on the plus my legs have got a well deserved break from all the mileage I have put in. I want to also say a big thank you to all the very understanding running community who have become a virtual family, you guys and gals are totally awesome and one day we’ll unite for a run in the emerald Isles;)
Now to write about something that got me really angry and worked up this week. I had been saving since January to try and get a new pair of running shoes but the prices of new running shoes is really not option for me. So I opted for a pair of Brooks ghost 6s ,they were second hand and affordable the equivalent of euro 40 a lot especially when things are tight. Since then things have got tighter and every day is more strain. Anyway I paid for them and waited patiently for them to arrive..1..2…3weeks went by and no sign of them to arrive!! So emailed the seller on numerous occasions with no reply,eventually I emailed the seller looking for a refund four days after, he emailed me back and agreed to refund me. That was two weeks ago!! Whats wrong with some people that they can just rip people off and have no morals or standards?? In all the times I’ve dealt with Ebay everything has gone smoothly why when times are hard does everything go belly up? Those pair of running shoes meant more to me then a bag of gold.

?????????????????????????????dark cold morning runs are back soon.

Need I say more ? Life of the runner in winter I find it so peaceful because its dark ,cold and no one is crazy enough to be out at 5:30 well except for me and a few gym goers. Its not my best post by far but I managed a good rant and thank you all for reading if you got this far lol.

If you have any opinion on what I’ve written about or you have experienced sellers on Ebay or anywhere else please feel free to share. I would love to hear any input you might have.



3 thoughts on “An ear infection from hell,Ebay seller who has no remorse and winter is upon us.”

  1. I have no experience of Ebay and, after your experience, I expect to have no experience of Ebay. Anyway, I have bought runners online at My last pair of Nikes were about €55. Cheaper than I could get them locally by €20. And new.

    Is there any complaint system that you can use at Ebay to help get your money back? Might the parcel be delayed in some way?

    Sorry for your trouble. The right runners are the one piece of kit we can’t do without.


    1. No unfortunately the wasn’t sent and was re-listed 3/4weeks after the runners had been paid for!!? So I was definitely scammed!? Fortunately I’ve a case in and some other buyers more recent then me have experienced the same ill mannered fate. Sure look it hopefully my cousin in the UK will be able to help me out. You of all people know how hard it is in Ireland at the moment to make a living let alone survive?? Its hard to be unemployed and have to re- educate at 40 even this doesn’t guarantee a job it does help filling a C.V and expanding your mind and options though,;);)


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