A good week with running friends from the W.W.WEB

 A thought for the day
A thought for the day

I think out of all of the weeks this has to be the best one so far,thanks to the awesome “Waltons Running Family” without you guys life would definitely be uninspiring. A special mention has to go out to the lovely Ma Mel who actually got me started with the ever growing “Waltons Family” and to the “Red Neck” Ned or is it Rod;)? who always has some form of witty remark to share. I can’t forget Myles or the young and lovely Amy either. As for Brad well thanks for getting through the time zone.. You guys are the pinnacle of what running is all about.
So getting on to the week including last weekends running. It seems that every thing is going well my running is back to form. Two long runs over the weekend the longest being Saturday and if weren’t for the swans.
I would have probably given up and walked home.. They inspired me and got me to stop get a camera out of my bottle carrier and gave me the incentive to stretch out. That little breather made all the difference and i pushed through one of the hardest long runs I have ever run but I completed it and felt amazing after. The mind is a powerful tool if you can use it to your advantage. The rest of the week has flown by. Its amazing how life can be good at times and then without any sort of indication just change. I hope to be able keep a more positive outlook in the future. Oh yeah and I forgot that I might get a chance to blog for @brooksrunning.co.uk Im really excited and hoping for really good outcome:) I really need a new pair of kicks/running shoes but you all know the story about my old faithfuls:)
So how was all of your running escapades ??


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