The months keep flying by..

It’s been a busy summer and I never realised;) Wow! My first born in high school or secondary to any Irish person reading this. I had so much to write down but I’d rather summarise. Life is really tough at the moment but thanks to a running community on twitter,which I fondly now call “My Waltons Family” you all know who you are because you are willing to talk about running,experiences and help anyone who needs a boost or give advice and suggestions,for this I thank you all. Then there is the awesome opportunity of being an ambassador for a cool product.. I hope I make the criteria because it’d be an honour and priveledge.
As for my running it’s up and down. Having running shoes that are now ready to go to pasture:) Doesn’t help my ITB but like an ex soldier I have to “soldier” on regardless.. Running and exercise is what keeps me focussed and a family who I have to do my best for. Roll on mid September so that I can start my next level of education.


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