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Unsporty Women Can Run

I’ve been told many times that when I run with friends people can hear me coming way before they actually see me. They hear women laughing, chatting and having a wonderful time before they see us going by in running steps.


At parkrun (APPARENTLY) when Janette and I run together we are ALWAYS talking and can be heard all around the course…me thinks an exaggeration!

BUT this post is brought to you in sign language. Well, not really, but if we were sitting down and having a coffee and a chat I would be using mostly non-verbal communication.

I have laryngitis. Giggles! That illness that I would pretend to have to try and get a day off school as a child


Monday I soldiered on to work and even managed to take a very enthusiastic Story Time reading several picture books to the delightful 0 to 4’s and their parents…

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