Haven’t Blogged in Ages….

I haven’t blogged in ages things have been crazy to say the least . Life has a way of just being so busy and if it weren’t for the running passion I’d be crazy right now..So when I last wrote I had completed my longest run since being back of 38kms. Then a dreaded old companion came back to give me hassle, an old ITB injury grrrrr… It has set me back but a friend suggested foam rolling and stretching,hey presto I’m back:) but with lower mileage and a lot more caution.

The rest of the months has been busy with the kids on summer holidays and my whole running regime all over the place at the moment. I’m running out of blogging steam as I’m writing. I do have to admit to reading a lot of blogs which seemed to be a lot more inspiring than my own lol. So thank you to all you bloggers who inspire me and keep me going. Hopefully when things are back to “normal” I’ll be doing a lot more blogging.



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