The Comrades Marathon and a 38.0km run to remember

The Comrades marathon took place once again this Sunday and as always a very important part of my own history. Most of you who read my blog probably don’t know that besides running the Comrades I also helped as a volunteer a good few years ago now. To me it’s the most awesome Ultra in the world, it has drama,comedy and above all a sense of an enormous running community all in the one place. So I guess that’s why I become sentimental every year. This year I heard of three Ultra runners attempting to run the Comrades distance ten fold and that to me is no mean feat…. Of the three runners only one completed the 900kms and he had a Penquin on his hat. These incredibly insane runners are what I aspire to be….
I was really inspired,not only from the these incredible runners but from my past running experience of the greatest marathon in the world. So a run I had planned to do mid June I decided to do on Monday my challenge was to come close to marathon distance as possible. I really slept poorly Sunday night the wife and kids were away and I got stuck into the last of the Quality Streets and drank far too much coffee… got up at 5:30am had more coffee made sure that all I needed for my running excursion or adventure was packed. At roughly 6:15am I left the house and took it slow and careful,stopped for a break at 16km and me trusty Garmin said I was running for 1hr45mins I ate me chocolate bar and headed off again. I reached 23kms in about 2hrs 30mins and stopped at a garage to refill my water bottles and take in a little carbohydrates the looks I got from the man behind the counter was pretty funny especially when he asked me where I was headed and told I him it was definitely a “Mastercard” moment “priceless” ha ha..
Anyway I reached my goal at 36km but thought Id carry on and find my brother in laws gaff well that didn’t end well ran an extra 2km with a blister on my middle toe that felt like a mountain and eventually had to give in and ring him to collect me.. all in all it was a good tester and awesome to accomplish this distance last year I wasn’t even running 10kms?? Now for my next challenge an Ultra in 2 months what do you all have planned?

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