The turmoil’s of running or lack thereof?

I’ve been meaning to write for a few weeks now, but the words have eluded me and as always time has been an issue. This is directed at anyone who has had the misfortune of feeling absolutely exhausted from life, training or running too much. I would never have thought that my love for running wouldn’t be enough?? Clearly I’m totally mistaken!!? The last few days have been really hard physically which has in turn affected my psychological state, no kidding?

So to Paul who eventually inspired me to write after a bit of a block 😉 thank you. I reckon I have done enough slacking and eating in the last couple of days. In a way although it’s been mostly all the no foods and loads of chocolate. Easter is definitely my nemesis and even though it’s long gone the remnants of the Easter Bunny still remain… I guess I will just have to run further and train a little harder when I’m on form again.

Running is a way of life since my injury two years ago so I guess even though I’ve come on heaps and bounds I have to step back and enjoy my accomplishments thus farJ. I’m also planning a long training run in a few weeks and any suggestions you may have on how to get help with sponsorship for either a charity like Barnardo,s PTSD. All I’d be looking for is a t-shirt getting word out about these great charities. Helping children of less fortunate circumstance or helping someone with depression or severe depression or not helping but rather getting a message out.

My final words for now are if you can run a km or 100km do it! The operative word is if you “can” don’t let anyone get in your way no matter who or what. Remember that you are capable of anything if you put your mind to it.


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