Forest Gump has nothing on me.

I went out for a “10k run ” this morning and yet again ended up doing an extra 10!? I had no intention of battering my legs again but the music I was listening to was very good “Ministery of Sound Running Trax” I had run 5k of the route before, the other part of the route was unfamiliar and an adventure of torturing hills with the most beautiful backgrounds:)The run started off fairly foggy and pretty nippy but I think that’s because I had my shades on:). This time I had a fair idea of where I was gonna end up so I had to just pace myself. When I reached 10k I had roughly 6-7k to run .At this stage of the run I felt like Forest Gump I just wanted to run and run. I was near home at 16k but thought I’d complete 16k and call it at that, but the running track was open so I slogged on reaching 16..17..18…19..&20k!!? How amazing is the body and mind?. Have any of you fellow compatriots of running ever experienced the “Forest Gump” effect 🙂 ?? In all me years of running I’ve never experienced total focus a willingness to put my body through an extra step of agony and to control it with my mind :D:) sounds crazy but it is totally awesome…


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