Running,training and thinking

It must be at least a month since my last post maybe more time has just flown by. I have been blogging but mostly other inspirational bloggers work ,you’re probably thinking..lazy fecker:) Well guess I was ,no excuses:) I’ve finally summed up the year so far and besides the downs that life seems to have there are a good few Ups as well. I was on a run this morning and had loads of time to reflect because as it happened I took a detour from a route I knew and ended up way off my home destination but instead of panicking I pushed on .
Besides thinking of what a fool I am I was thinking that this time last year , I would have been walking or hobbling and definitely not running. This solitary thought made feel me so confident and positive. It’s amazing how a year can make all the difference. My health has improved although our financial situation has gotten worse and just like running its an ongoing battle but the difference between running and financial battles is that with running you can overcome and move on without money being a factor.
Sorry I’m just trying to put into words what I was thinking about on a soul searching run. My re-education is going well and I am enjoying it enormously. Besides getting out of the house. It’s an eye opener of what can be obtained if you’re willing to make the effort.
My running has shown me just how strong my discipline and mental determination has become. I’m definitely much more focused and a lot more confident in where my strengths lie.
I have to thank a lot of very supportive people in my life people who I have met through the cyber net ie. Twitter,Facebook,Linkedin,Google. You are in my book people to whom I can call friends:) Oh and of course I have to definitely mention my lovely wife who has ,somehow put up with me. Life is tough but hopefully life will get a little easier.
Thanks for reading and if you read this and understand my ramblings please feel free to comment and tell me your thoughts on how running or the internet has changed your life or lives.


4 thoughts on “Running,training and thinking”

  1. I think any kind of hobby or sport, if loved, will positively impact your life. Running for me is a way to stay in shape, both mentally and physically. Run on my friend, and cheers!


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