Tired,achy and feeling good

I haven’t written in ages. I guess it’s just the way life has been. I’ve been flat out what with re-educating and I guess every day family life. Then of course there’s my running and cardio x-training. I suppose I’m achy and tired because I’ve never been so focussed in all of my thirty nine years of life. These days I’m always achy,tired but always seem to feel good,:) go figure.
I’m loving the new me ,I’ve never been open to trying new things and now I feel like I could take on anything lol. All thanks to education and a change in mental attitude. Just wish some people would let me be and find someone else to talk about.
So what if I have an injury that no one can see? People are quick to make opinions of others because they have nothing bit to do with their own lives as far as I’m concerned I’m making the effort in whatever way possible to get back into the work sector by re-educating myself so that I can once again be a provider for my family.


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