A New Year with endless possibilities .

The New Year has definitely started with a huge bang!! After twenty something years of being out of school I’m back, re- educating to get back into the work force. I can definitely say that so far I’m enjoying every hour of it. It’s exciting and the best thing is I’m doing something that suits me. Lets face it school isn’t for everyone . You either like the constraints of four walls or you don’t.. I look forward to the challenge every week,just like I look forward to going for a run and challenging my body and mind.
I have already mentioned in my previous post about my re-education so I’m going to chat more about a very slow run today,a half marathon and my favourite sports besides running,rugby…
So up until today my training for the half marathon has been fairly spot on with a long run exceeding my expectations last week to a very mediocre run this morning,yes I know we as runners all experience off days where nothing seems to go right but I still managed to knock out 10km’s regardless. The half marathon is in a week and I feel that I’ve done as good as can be expected . Now it’s up to me to finish as best I can:)
To more of a downer my second sporting passion is Rugby and since I’ve been in Ireland, rugby has become more popular due to people taking more of an interest in an awesome sport. I don’t know if any of you follow the Six Nations but today they (Ireland )played England after playing amazing rugby against Scotland and Wales they just lost by three points!! I was absolutely devastated and has taken a lot to compose myself. I guess I felt so frustrated for them because England really made it difficult for Ireland breathe. I guess this round was won by the better team. Next time Ireland will take it from England next time..
Sorry for the ramblings just needed to digest and regress.. Thanks for reading if you enjoyed please send me a line:)


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