What I’ve Learned So Far: Hills Edition

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Lori and I are just finishing up a 4 week Hill focused module from the Greg McMillan, You (Only Faster) book.  It’s been a great month, and I think we came off the month before (a speed module) needing something easier, or if not easier, less hard on our bodies.  It’s also is timing itself well to get us started on our 12 week marathon plan feeling speedy and strong.  Here are the workout’s that we’ve done this past month, and how they’ve progressed, plus a bit of general information on hill training.

photo (11) Powering up Bebo Grove hill out of Fish Creek.

Week 1: Medium hill 6-8 reps.  We actually did 6 x’s repeats up the service road next to the Glenmore Dam.  This is a fairly steep hill, and it was cold and blizzardy this day.  According to my garmin it has an elevation delta of 17 meters.



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