January and February good and bad

monday gone by
Monday gone by devastating wind

January was very productive with a good deal of mileage done even though the weather was very inconsiderate. I managed to clock over 86kms and was heading into February with good health and excellent fitness something I haven’t experienced in long while. I even decided to sign up for a half marathon that a mate suggested. Which is in Bohermeen County Meath on the 2nd of March. Then without warning! The dreaded flu took a hold of the family the first to hit the deck was my wife, son, me and the two younger kids. The house was like a hospital. Any way after all that I feel weak and had to take it easy getting back into training. Hoping to get in a long run tomorrow weather permitting of course?? The picture above shows the devastation the wind caused Monday evening in our back garden I know in comparison to other places this is minor but just shows the sheer power of Mother Nature.
I have not written in a good while as I have had a bad case of writers block or just sheer laziness?!!? Leigh thanks for the kick in the proverbial from afar ,your blogs are always very inspiring, truthful and so easy to relate to and maybe one day my blog could be as good as yours? Probably not ha ha especially with me back schooling. Oh yeah did I forget to mention I started a re-education course in an adult learning centre all of it is a challenge after leaving school 20 + years ago and to go back well Leigh you know my story but if you are new to my blog and for some reason you are unemployed and if you can get back to school and get an education do it!

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