Its been a while

I’ve done a few runs,since the last time I wrote but definitely not as many ,as when I started writing. Often been too wrapped up with my cardio and core workouts. Then there’s the horrible weather we have been having of late. Went out for a 6km in the early hours of Friday morning and was having a good paced run in and around 5:30-45/km really quick for me and then the dreaded black ice!! I think I twisted or pulled something in my hammy? Its not so bad today as I had a lazy day:) I’m sure my beloved wife didn’t appreciate my pure lethargy(if that is a word)??Hayley if you read this blog you’ll probably be smiling,as a runner its so easy to give advice but not so easy when you forget your own good advice lol.

Leigh I’m getting the cold and the running restrictions now more then ever,I can now relate to sore legs from having to run slower and more carefully because I think it doesn’t matter how flexible any runner or runners are … Its matter of being extra vigilant out in the early hrs with only a few street lights and a headlamp.


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