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Weekly Treaty Profile | Shawn Crawford
This week we featured Shawn Crawford a South African now living in Ireland. His passion for running at an early age saw him volunteering at Comrades and ultimately completing it. We chat to him about running, Comrades and how he’s coming back from an injury…

How did you get involved with helping out & setting up Comrades?
My brother used to help out and he got me involved. I started helping out with Comrades when I was in high school back in the early 90’s but that was only to hand out drinks and milo bars, to the passing runners on the route.
You have experienced 3 unique aspects of Comrades: Someone who has both been on the helping side, Someone who has finished, experiencing that elation and sense of achievement, as well as someone who has had to pull out along the journey and get a DNF. Tell us about what all those different angles felt like?
The difference between running a marathon and actually helping out setting up, is an enormous eye opener. It gives you an understanding of how much work goes into making any marathon or road race a success. I ran my first Comrades in ’98 and completed it in 10:30. The following year was a bit of a disaster as I ran and managed halfway and pulled out with a niggling back injury. There is no worse feeling then running and not completing.
As someone who is so passionate about running, what did it feel like to be told you can’t run and how did you deal with it?
A year out of running really didn’t affect me as much as the financial stresses and everyday hardships that has come as result of the injury. I think more than anything is the lack of freedom, feeling useless and lethargic from the painkillers.

Running gives you a release or buzz that I think is so important for everyday life. When I’m out on a run, all the negative things in my life are easier to deal with – I can make sense of things easier. To me, running is a way to cope with the depression I have.
You’ve taken up running again this year, what are your goals?
2015 is the year that I hopefully redeem myself and literally finish what I started, one up and one down Comrades run. I believe if you start something you see it through don’t give up halfway.

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