The plight of an elite athlete

I have been following a plight of a South African middle distance athlete for the past few months and I’m totally disgusted at the people and sponsors of a marathon held in South Africa in September of this year. The athlete in question won the race and to this day has not received any prize money…
Us as runners ,understand what it means . The effort it takes to get up every morning ,so if we are just social runners ,how much effort does a professional athlete ie marathon elite put in on a daily basis? Not to mention the time away from home into a training camp and also the supplements and physiotherapy most of these things are expensive . An elite runners livelihood is running,just like a banker or a baker it’s a job/ career. The only difference is ,is that the elite runner / sportsperson only really has a couple of years to perform at their peak,so in this period their livelihood depends on their achievements and ultimately prize money .
What do other athletes think ? I personally think that it’s appalling and downright wrong to train so hard , then win the race and unfortunately have to beg for which he/she has rightfully earned.
Please copy and paste onto your Fb walls and RT on your twitter pages if you feel that any athlete/sportsperson should be able to reap the awards without having to resort to begging. Thank you for reading.

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