life with/out running

one of my better blogs and hopefully showing my passion for running

jogging for life/health

Running has always been something I could and like every runner knows ,that with time can improve. Most sports I’ve participated in, I never really exceeded my expectations as I always seemed to reach a plateau especially at soccer , I really sucked at it I would put everything into it and never seemed to get any real satisfaction out of it, except maybe a bit of fitness !!? Then there was the other sports that I tried ie. Amateur wrestling done a good few years back and I only participated in that because  it would get me out of the Army Base for a weekend 🙂 I suppose it was better than going A.W.O.L 🙂 and even though I was fairly good at it , it wasn’t a sport that I wanted to continue with. Kick boxing was another sport I enjoyed but never took it to the next…

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