A day in the life….

These are previous blogs that are true to my opinion . I would love to chat to anyone who has doubts about anything within reason. If I can help I will try…

jogging for life/health

Today has been a topsy turvy kind of day… I woke with an alarm beeping and without thinking turned it off and went back to sleep, telling myself that I’ll just give myself another 15min.. Well I should have known better,didn’t go for morning run or stretch and really felt like crap,I’m sure most of you can relate? To top things off ,my head felt really fuzzy and urrrgh!

On the plus side I had an awesome chat with a very nice online friend ,thank you Leigh 🙂 I did receive an evil eye from me beloved for spending so much time on my phone,but it was really worth it. I really enjoy the interaction, it takes away my current situation of being out of work with injury indefinitely ??!! It really feels good to chat with someone who is battling emotionally and physically ,hopefully make their day better.


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